The  November Board Meeting is November 10th, 7:00 - 9:30 pm
40144 Ridge Road, Deer Trail, CO 80105

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North Central NEEDS YOU! 

We are in need of volunteers. If you are interested in helping to keep yourself and your neighbors safe please contact Chief Kay Osborn at 303-621-2098.
You can download an NCFPD Volunteer application here:


Impact fees are defined as one time assessments used to recover the capital costs imposed on local governmental agencies by new growth. They are governed by principles established in both State of Colorado and Federal law. Colorado’s Senate Bill 15, which was passed in 2001 , specifically gives Colorado governmental agencies the authority to levy “land development charges” or impact fees. 

North Central Fire Protection District contracted with BBC Consulting to determine a fair Impact Fee for the District. BBC Consulting determined that an allowable Impact Fee would be $6,143.00  per residential unit and $3.21 per sq. ft. of non-residential structures. 

The Board of NCFPD implemented their Impact Fees as of October 23, 2021. Since the Board of the District has the ability to choose a lower fee than recommended, they chose the fees listed below. These fees will need to be paid to the North Central Fire Protection District prior to receiving a building permit from Elbert County. 

Residential             $ 3,500.00 per dwelling unit 

Non-residential       $        1.83 per building sq ft

Interested in holding an event at the station?
Contact Chief Kay Osborn at 303-621-2098. She will confirm availability and email you a packet containing the Station Rental Agreement and Guidelines for use. 

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About North Central Fire

The North Central Fire Protection District is an agency comprised of about 8 volunteers and a Board of Directors located in North Central Elbert County Colorado. A separate entity, the NCEC Auxiliary, helps to provide support to the Fire Department and community.

North Central Fire Protection District's emergency services of prevention, suppression, and rescue are provided by dedicated and committed volunteers who are trained and professional; who are committed to elevating the standard of service through continuing education, training, team effort, and time dedication.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact Chief Kay Osborn at 303.621.2098.

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Burn Permit Information:

We are currently under Stage I Burn Restrictions.

The Sheriff sets the Burn Restriction Level with input from the Elbert County Fire Chiefs. For more information about Elbert County's Burn Restrictions, including the current Burn Restriction Level, see Burn Restriction Information on the Elbert County Web Site.

A Burn Permit is required to burn any time there is a Burn Restriction in effect, which is most of the time. This includes burning trash or camp fires.

Regardless of the Burn Restriction Level, weather conditions can create a Red Flag Warning condition. During a Red Flag Warning or Fire Weather Watch day, NO BURNING is allowed, even with a Burn Permit. You can check whether a Red Flag Warning is in effect on the National Weather Service Web Site.

Contact Chief Kay Osborn at 303.621.2098 for a Burn Permit. Burn Permits are free, and require an inspection of the burn site by the Chief or a designated Fire Department Officer.

To familiarize yourself with the requirements the Burn Permit form can be found here:

 Burn Permit

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