Opening on the Board of Directors

posted Aug 1, 2013, 12:14 PM by Donna Dreyer   [ updated Aug 8, 2013, 5:11 PM ]

There is currently an opening on the Board of NCFPD.  If you are interested in becoming a Board Member please come to our next Regular Meeting on August 21st @6:00 p.m.  At this meeting the Board will ask you for some background about yourself and reasons why you would like to be on the Board.



To qualify as a Director of a special district, a person must be an “eligible elector” which is defined as a registered voter of Colorado and either:

1.       A resident of the District for not less than 30 days,   or


2.      The owner (or the spouse of the owner) of taxable real or personal property situated in the District

Each Director, within 30 days after election or appointment, shall take an oath of faithful performance. 32-1-901(1), C.R.S.  The oath must be administered by a qualified official (Board Chairman, notary public, clerk of the court, or clerk and recorder) and filed with the clerk of the district court that issued the District’s organization decree, the county clerk and recorder for the counties in which the District is situated, and the Division of Local Government. 24-12-103 and 32-1-901(1), C.R.S.; Article XII, Section 9 of the Colo. Constitution.


If you have any questions, please contact any of the current Board members.

Dawn Nix                        Ph:  303-621-2386                David Krotzer                   Ph:  303-621-8209

Donna Dreyer-Ross        Ph: 303-621-2286                 Marty Groth                    Ph:  303-693-2760